Our mission is to enable patients

to access Regenerative Cures



ImCurable Manifesto

“We are people for whom traditional medicine offers little or no hope of a cure.

By transforming the devastating label of “incurable” into the empowering affirmation of I’mCurable, we proclaim:

The right of every afflicted person
to access effective Regenerative Therapies
as soon as possible

Our commitment to supporting those working
to advance Regenerative Medicine

Our commitment to removing obstacles
in the path of Regenerative Cures

Our commitment to supporting each other
as a global community of patients,
relatives, and loved ones
impacted worldwide”

Our Values

We are driven by heartfelt love and compassion for those who suffer.
All we do is in service of patients and loved ones.
Honesty and Authenticity
We are genuinely committed to providing ethical, thoughtful, balanced, and grounded guidance.
We believe in the power of community to further our mission, and to heal and transform people and society.
Care and Respect
We are committed to treating everyone with great care and respect.
Everyone is welcome, and every patient has an a equal right to access cures, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or any other characteristic.
Global Family
We believe there should be no borders when it comes to supporting the right to a healthy and happy life, free of disease and suffering.

The Arrival of Regenerative Medicine

 Regenerative Medicine is a new paradigm of medicine that relies on stem cells capacity to regenerate, regrow, and fully heal damaged tissues and organs in our bodies.

Regenerative Therapies are the main source of hope for millions of people afflicted with conditions labeled as “incurable” by today’s medicine.

Examples include spinal cord injury, ALS, MS, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

The core principles of Regenerative Medicine are rejuvenation, regeneration and replacement, are shifting the paradigm in healthcare from symptomatic treatment in the 20th century to curative treatment in the 21st century.

However, in spite of the fast scientific progress, and billions of dollars spent, Regenerative Medicine is not delivering on its promise with the speed and ease of access that patients need.

what we do

ImCurable Coalition

We provide a platform for patient groups to access and share vetted information, promote common goals, and engage with the Regenerative Medicine ecosystem.


Honest and Expert Guidance

We help patients find, discern and access legitimate, potential solutions by providing vetted, grounded information on breakthroughs, clinical trials and other available resources, as well as training on RegMed fundamentals so that patients themselves can navigate information with greater ease and knowledge.


Our StemJam rock music concerts series makes ImCurable patients visible to society, and builds mass awareness and support for the Regenerative Therapies they need.

ImCurable Gathering

Coming 2018, our patient-focused gatherings allow ImCurable patients and loved ones to learn, build community, and engage all the stakeholders in the Regenerative Medicine field..

About Us

ImCurable is a charitable organization.
We receive 501(c)3 nonprofit status through our Incubator Kumu
and its Fiscal Sponsor the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Our Team

Alan Fernandez

Alan Fernandez

Founder and Executive Director

Alan is a humanitarian with over 10 years of experience working at the forefront of Regenerative Medicine advocacy. He is the former Associate Director of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, and of the World Stem Cell Summit.

Manuel Maqueda

Manuel Maqueda

Cofounder and COO

Manuel is a world changer who has started a number of NGO’s and social businesses. He teaches Impact Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and other schools. He serves as Senior Director of Programs for RMF and WSCS.

Advisory Board

Julie G. Allickson, PhD

Julie G. Allickson, PhD

Translational Medicine Advisor

Julie is the Director of Translational Research at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Anthony Atala, PhD

Anthony Atala, PhD

Stem Cell Advisor

Anthony is the Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Jan Nolta, Ph.D

Jan Nolta, Ph.D

Scientific Advisor

Jan is Professor Director of the Stem Cell Program at the UC Davis School of Medicine and Institute for Regenerative Cures. She’s Scientific Director of the UC Davis GMP Facility, and the Editor for Stem Cells.

Bernard Siegel, JD

Bernard Siegel, JD

Policy Advisor

Bernard is a Stem Cell policy pioneer, the Founder and Executive Director of of the Genetics Policy Institute (now Regenerative Medicine Foundation) and the Founder and Chair of the World Stem Cell Summit.

Asutosh T. Yagnik

Asutosh T. Yagnik

Strategy Consultant

Asutosh is an executive coach and a senior management consultant. He sits on the Steering Committee of the Vatican’s Regenerative Medicine conference.

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Phone: +1 650 750 8300